Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Anna Pirkola's home

Today, I welcome you to Anna Pirkola's home in Helsinki, Finland, where she lives with her partner Joel and their two daughters, Seela 3,5 years and little Meeri 8 months-old.
Anna, who works as a concept designer and stylist for Duotone studio, is also a blogger at Dadaa where she collects images about her lovely home and family: her wall of pictures caught my immediate attention, as you may probably remember from this post here, along with the series of square boxes Joel and Anna use to store their collection of LPs.

Though Anna feels they have still lot to do as they moved in only a few months ago, I love the atmosphere of their place and the mix of design objects and DIYs that, in my mind, is to typical of some Finnish homes. Anna says "I love simple and pure design and real materials.  But at the same time I do think that we need humour as well, things can´t be too serious. That´s why I don´t want our home to look just perfect. Some everyday pieces which are designed functional meaning ahead can be really beautiful but I do love some design pieces as well". Artek and String are some of the great classics that you can find in this home. Muuto seems to be another of Anna's favourites: I find the Visu chair in green fits perfectly the place and what can I say of the creative way of using the Dots as their wardrobe handles? Just love it. 

The Finnish designer confesses the kitchen they have just renovated is right now her favourite place in the house and I cannot agree more: I am very into this mix of neutral white and raw plywood, a perfect solution that gets together a great interior trend and a tight budget.

I love this picture of the big armchair sitting next to the Hay coffee table,  don't you? You can feel this is a simple modern home but cozy and welcoming.
One of my favourite corner in Anna's room is the one you can see here: the series of images shows how the space has been transformed through time and we can see also one of Anna's designs, the long wooden hook Tappi available here.

 I hope you have enjoyed the little tour: you can see more of Anna's home in her blog Dadaa and get inspired by this talented Finnish stylist.

All images courtesy of Anna Pirkola.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Home #2

Random pictures from our home showing our home office and the dining area. I especially like the one with the cushions. Featured are two Gran pillows from Fine Little Day and the Fish Cushion designed by Thomas Sandell for Asplund. We received the last as a gift during our visit at their beautiful store in Stockholm: you can take a look of the place here. I'm very fond  of the Sandell's Fish pattern for its simple yet elegance look and I day-dream to own one of their beautiful Fish rugs soon.

Images © FNWG

Thursday, 10 April 2014

SELECTED | Cos x Nendo

It's not the first time the fashion label COS creates an installation during the Milan Design Week. For this edition of the Fuorisalone, COS paired up with prolific Japanese studio Nendo. The two share a similar approach, based on simplicity, essential lines and great care for the details. 

The installation created by the designers is made of brushed metal boxes that frame one of  COS iconic pieces: their shirt. Different shades of grey are used to paint specific parts of the garment revealing details that can sometime pass unseen to a superficial eye. 

For the special occasion, COS has also reserved a section in their webshop (COS x Nendo) where some of their clothes and accessories, both for men and women, are selected along with some of Nendo designs.

All images courtesy of  COS.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Marimekko in Nordicthink, Barcelona

Last week I was invited to the presentation of Marimekko SS 2014 Collection here in Barcelona. The event was organized by Jordi of Nordicthink, "the store" for any Scandinavian design passionate. 

I met Jordi some time ago when I visited the shop to buy some things. We always have great conversations about design and we are working together here on the blog being Nordicthink is one of FNWG sponsors. 
Nordicthink opened its doors a couple of years ago: the selection of Nordic design is wide and cheerful, with some of the greatest pieces like the home accessories and lamps from Muuto, furniture from Danish brand Hay and, now, Marimekko Home collection
I am very fond of the Finnish brand because, from one side, it was my very first introduction to Scandinavian design and, secondly, I find it timeless and able to fit perfectly with anyone taste and preferences (my mum, my little niece and me are all very big fans). 
During the presentation we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful Kurjenpolvi design, inspired by the Geranium species: the light grey and black and white versions are very interesting.

I also loved the Softheads in Marimekko dress, a project that brings together art and design and is handmade here in Barcelona. These are a limited edition designed just for Nordicthink.

Images courtesy Nordicthink.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Milan Design Week 2014 | A first selection

The Milan Design Week 2014  is officially opened and it looks is going to be great. Here it is a first selection of designs launched for the occasion. 

Assemblage by Faye Toogood moves from the angular and straight line to round corners and fat appearance. The swift was influenced by the designer's recent pregnancy and motherhood. All the products are made out of fiberglass, a reminder of Eames' iconic chairs. Also, Markus Johansson's new sofa named Coquille,  after the French word for "shell". Glass and Carrara marbles are the materials used by Lee Broom for his On the Rock glasses collection, one of my favourites so far. Then, Japanese Nendo with the furniture collection designed for Italian brand Glasitalia: the furniture is produced out of  rectangular sheets of glass finished with layers of paint in blue, grey and beige hues. The last object is part of the Chinese Zisha Tea Project. 

OPEN HOUSE | Past meets present in Barcelona

This apartment is located in the Eixample Esquerra district of Barcelona. One of the most interesting aspects of this projects is how the architects managed to preserve and integrate the previous structural elements (ceilings, floors and woodwork) into the new design. The result is an harmonious encounter between past and present in a space flooded by the warm Mediterranean light. 
In particular, how they restored and used the existing mosaico hidraulico, which is a characteristic floor invented in the South of France in the XIX and used in Barcelona until 1960s. In fact, in order to gain continuity, they arranged the tiles present in situ in long  stripes and combined them together to tied up the space.

| Architects  Anna & Eugeni Bach | Photography: Eugeni Bach |

Please, visit Archdaily to see more.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

DIVAGATION | Rosendals Trädgård

Saturdays are made for long sweet hours spent with friends and having fun, aren't they? 

For this reason, I decided to dedicate it only to family and beloved ones. But this post is special for two reasons: it is a way  a way to thank the Urban Jungle Bloggers to have me in the group and the first I publish about part of my main professional duty. I hope you enjoy the little divagation. 

Today we head to Djurgården, the garden island located on the East side of Stockholm, to visit the beautiful Rosendals Trädgård. Infact, part of my work as a RD manager consists of visiting from time to time special plant nurseries and garden shops. As a landscape architect and someone that has literally grown among plants, visiting this kind of places is quite natural: I usually start with the "get the atmosphere" tour, pass to the "professional eye" one and move eventually to "let's have fun" (with a slice of cake and coffee when possible). I have visited garden shops mainly in Italy, France and in the UK, so I was very excited to have a chance to spend a few hours in Rosendals while in Stockholm.

As I was in Stockholm just after the Design Week, the place was not at its greenest moment. Still it was no disappointment, especially because I had the great privilege to enjoy it all by myself as it was closed for some small renovations that day. They obviously sneaked me in - who can resist me? lol - and let me wonder in the little antique glasshouses. It is hard to explain the feeling that always invades me through the scent created by the mixture of the soft ground, the plants and the high humidity. To me it is the fragrance of Life.
Rosendals plants and object selection is very interesting and their colour palette has my complete approval. I know some of you will feel the urge to ask if even the gardens I design are completely white: I confess they are not. However, I always remind my client not to forget white is the last colour disappearing when the night comes and the only one capable to reflect the shy moonlight, therefore it should be highly used in the garden.

I strongly recommend my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers to spend a few hours here whenever they have a chance to visit Stockholm. 

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Pictures facing north with gracia