String system, a new story

I habe been away for quite a while now but I ma sure you will love what I have to share with you today!
In fact, I have just received the new work Lotta Agaton did for String and it looks as amazing as always. This time the syling seems to focus on commercial and office spaces: Agaton created the dely shop we all would love to buy from, a idyllic office space in grey tones and wood accents, and what seems to be a modern artist's studio full of colours and memories of Marrakesh. As you all know, I am a very big fan of String System's products  (check here) and I particularly enjoyed talking to their CEO last February in Stockholm, during our Bloggers Tour. The Swedish company collaboration with Lotta Agaton has been going on for a while now and you can check more shots of it here and here. As for now, enjoy this delight!

Magnus Ingerstedt (AD)
Lotta Agaton (style)
Marcus Lawett (photo)

Pictures courtesy of String, with thanks.

Amsterdam | Volkshotel

 Last July, I talked to you about Volkshotel and it is now time to give you some more insights!

We spent there some great days during while in Amsterdam with the fellow Design Bloggers United: the rooms were essential, with an interesting industrial touch; I loved the iconic newspaper glasswall, a homage to the creative and editorial tradition of the building.

But it was the hall I particularly enjoyed during our stay. Designed as an open, welcoming space divided according to different functions, it hosts the reception and several sitting areas where you can chill out while waiting for friends to get ready, work or simply hang out if you are a local.


The vintage masculine style was very appealing and not cold at all, thanks to the amazing green walls of plants that provided both live and privacy from the street. 

I loved the raw materials combined with warm tones like dark red, rusty brown and ochre that complemented the grey and metal structures. It is undoubtedly a great place both for tourists and locals ( the bar at night was literally full up with party lovers from the surroundings), but especially my fellow  Urban Jungle Bloggers would love it!

Libratone speakers for the stylish home

"Where words fail, music speaks", cannot agree more, especially when you want to create just the perfect atmosphere for a special gathering
During our Amsterdam Bloggers Tour, I was introduced to Danish brand Libratone, a company dedicated to bring together high-quality sound, amazing design at an affordable price. Moreover, Libratone speakers are wireless, that means means they don't need to be plugged in - making them very easy to move around in the room according to your need. All their speakers have changeable wool covers to adapt them to different interior styling. 

Recently Libratone also launched their very exciting project 360 Scandinavian, a project where creative Scandinavians - like Christian Juhl or Kristina Kjær - shares their opinions to understand what Scandinavia stands for.

All images via Libratone

Styling the perfect gathering

As you may recall from my first post about our Amsterdam Bloggerstour, I fell totally in love with Pistache Studio and it was amazing to witness the transformation of the rough industrial space into a cozy and perfect spot for our Bloggers United Dinner'. For this occasion, the group decided to gather some talented and creative people from the media and blogging world to spend a few hours together: at the end, isn't the best part of blogging getting to know and meet like-minded people?

Pistache Studio during the transformation.

To make this gathering so special, it was also the fantastic combination of sponsors that fell in love with the idea and decided to help us to create a magical event.  
Thanks to Thuesen Jensen, Pillivuyt Scandinavian agent, we were able to enjoy the French beautiful tableware, whose white and blue tones added a spectacular Mediterrenean vibe to the dinner, underlined by the Nigella flowers and wild grasses decoration. A touch of contemporary was instead introduced by the stylish 'Concrete Seats' by Fatboy.
And of course, in an event styled by Scandinavian design lovers like us, we couldn't miss candles: small tea lights were lighted as soon as the guest arrived but the real start of the night was our KOTO candle, brought especially for the occasion by one of Skandinavisk founders.

Ice cold beer provided by Beer & Co

When all the guests were seating, the mouthwatering delicacies - that we had been visually enjoying during the whole afternoon -  started to be served: the wonderful ladies of 'Lady Grey Catering'  created some great dishes and fueled the lovely and relaxed conversations.

After the dinner, the party started! The amazing guys at BOS Ice Tea and V2C Gin treated us with great cocktails while dancing and chatting on the sound of cool Libratone speakers

We had such an amazing night with our guests and sponsors you will surely see more of these events during out tours. Thanks so much to all the people that helped us making that nght so amazing and a special thanks to Uber, who made the visit in Amsterdam so perfect!

Photography by Susanna Vento and Linda Elmin

BLOGGERSTOUR AMSTERDAM | The seductive universe of Moooi

Unique and iconic are probably the two adjectives that fit best Moooi universe. The venture was founded in 2001 by world famous designer Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers who had a vision: to create a collection of beautiful and unique obejects as stated by the very name of the company ( mooi means beautiful in Dutch).

With Wanders as art director, Moooi started to create a portfolio of works from both national and international designers, such as Studio Job, Nery and Hu or acclaimed Spanish Jaime Hayon. The style Moooi proposes is exclusive, playful with a touch of past times elegance that reminds of old palaces atmospheres. But Wanders' playfulness add a light touch to the whole collection, in an "antique meets modern" mood.

Moooi Amsterdam. Images by Susanna Vento

During our last Bloggerstour in Amsterdam, we had the chance to spend a whole afternoon at their 700 m2 space in the colorful district "De Jordaan", known for its tiny picturesque boutiques, stores, restaurants and art galleries in the heart of Amsterdam. Guided by Laura Ramos Bello-Kluit, the company’s winsome PR and Events coordinator, we could explore the store and discover how different designs came to life. Laura also organized for us a lovely challenge: each of the  Design Bloggers United was given one of the iconic Marcel Wanders' vases and invited to represent on it one of our fellow companions. 
Let's see if you can guess which one was mine, an unique collaboration between Allan Torp and Wanders!

The visit moved after upstairs for a superb surprise: a tour in the very Marcel Wanders Studio. It was great to see how the space was bustling with young and creative creative minds working in the most interesting projects, from interior designs to unique  pieces. We had a chance to go through a presentation of Wanders' most interesting works that, even of far from my personal taste, were in the overall extremely interesting. There were so many layers of history and research behind each of them that was almost unbelieveable how they managed to put all them together in a very coherent project: the result ccouldn't but be rich in both sense and output. 

All images by Susanna Vento

Danish apartment in dark tones

This  Danish apartment is part of an old building dating back to the beginning of last century and is the home of Malene Ryvard and architect Jesper Wichmann and their two children. The wall dividing previously this space was demolished, so the family could enjoy a large family space that fitted together the kitchen and the dining area. The dining table in white add a light spot to the centre of the room and fits perfectly with the dark grey Eames chairs and the 265 lamp by Rizzatto for Flos (one of my favourites). At the back, it is the kitchen block in the kitchen by Cph Square, a black-stained oak furniture custom-designed for the occasion. On top, the beautiful lamp by Achille Castiglioni. Massimo Vignelli's iconic calendar is used both for planning and appealing graphics. 

There is a blueish tone in this flat that creates a perfect contrast with the dark wooden floor and the grey and black details and gives the whole space a soft masculine and elegant look.


Last week I spent a few days with the Design Bloggers United group in Amsterdam for the second of our Bloggers Tours this year. We had an amazing time while visiting places like Mooi, Marcel Wanders Studio or the Andaz Hotel
But today I want you to show some pictures Susanna Vento took of Studio Pistache. The space is next to a Wood stove Pizzeria in the heart of the city and is usually rented for special gatherings and events. 

The rough industrial appearance of the space is mitigated by the soft light entering through the glassed roof creating a modern glasshouse atmosphere. I especially appreciate the contrast effect created by the light: it grows from dark to bright as you enter creating the illusion that the space is even bigger.  Closer to the end of the building is an area populated by specimens of tropical plants, like Euphorbias or palms.

The space is next to a Wood stove Pizzeria in the heart of the city but the Studio is usually used for special gatherings and events, as in our case: it was here we hosted our Design Bloggers United Dinner, an event I will tell you more in the next few days.

In the meanwhile, you can check some shots taken during the Amsterdam Bloggers Tour on my Instagram account or checking the tags #bloggerstour and #designamsterdam.